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Africa Travel offers VIP tour services to the African continent.

We will organize a holiday, travel or business trip for the most discerning client.

Africa Travel organizes exclusive tours and tours of the African continent. The head of the company and its founder is a local resident, a woman in love with Africa with all her heart - Elena. Starting her travels and study of Africa more than a decade ago, Elena has accumulated a truly unique experience and now shares the real charms of the African continent with all her clients.

The company "Africa Travel" was created by dreamers, lovers of travel. "We are people who dreamed from childhood to see Africa with our own eyes, and once we came here, we came here to stay. We live in Africa, so we know everything about it as locals, first-hand. We create very interesting and unique tours of Africa. We consider Africa our home and know how and what to show our tourist guests. You are guaranteed a full tour support during your entire itinerary. You will receive expert advice and information support. You will be able to discover all the benefits of travel and life on the African continent. We are sure that once you visit Africa, you will love it at first sight, as much as we do.


Holidays in a mysterious and unexplored Africa is an amazing adventure in itself for any person. If you decide to visit the Black Continent on a VIP tour, your holiday here will be even more pleasant. Exclusive tours today are very popular. Exclusive tours are very popular today. And quite expectedly so. After all, todays VIP tours are more than just a service that allows a high-ranking client to spend time in comfortable conditions. A modern VIP tour offers everything a business person needs for work and leisure. When purchasing such a tour, you get preferential conditions of airport check-in passengers and luggage, which is very important and pleasant - passing customs and passport control without a queue. You are guaranteed the best hotels of increased comfort with a full range of services, only the most modern and comfortable car brands for the period of travel, fast Internet, complete, exhaustive information about arrivals and departures, television, fresh press in all languages, and much more, including personal accompaniment, better food and elite drinks.


VIP tour implies an individual holiday program, which allows you to include all that is simply impossible to imagine in the usual packaged tours. VIP tour is freedom and independence from charter flights. Those who purchase VIP service do not need to depend on charter flights that only fly on certain days of the week.

Tons of impressions and emotions that will fill you for a long time after such a holiday await you. VIP tours offer an exclusive holiday with full comfort and a package of quality services. VIP tour service is created for those who want to relax on an individually designed program, where everything will be taken into account to the smallest detail. Each of our tours is created specifically for a specific client. All the nuances are discussed in advance, which reduces any unforeseen situations to a minimum. Today VIP tours are a commodity that can be gifted. They are gifted to loved ones, colleagues and friends. A gift of travel is fashionable, unusual, modern.


"Africa Travel" has an extensive experience in organizing VIP tours. Many of our clients came to us on the recommendation from their friends and partners, relatives and colleagues. They know us, they talk about us. We successfully organize exclusive holidays for individual tourists, couples and small groups, as well as for larger, corporate clients.

Our clientele scope is quite broad from extreme holiday lovers to romantic couples that prefer secluded beaches, spas, yachts and beautiful islands of Zanzibar. Business people visiting conferences and business meetings, too, are among our customers.

It is impossible to arrange VIP tours without personal experience and knowledge. We are sure that only competent and reliable information should accompany the process of choosing an airline, hotel, route. The calculation of the VIP tour always takes place in stages, we are open and transparent. We never hide the cost of each service in the VIP tour package. The whole pricing process is done before your eyes.

Your comfort is our job!


Africa Travel has developed its own special style over the years with discerning clients. It can be described in three words: Pedantry. Professionalism. Efficiency. Our principle: a minimum of necessary formalities, maximum attention to you. We work not to create difficulties, but to save you from them. Maximum attention to the client is provided, first of all, by maximum attention to detail. To all of them. Attention to the details of the trip itself, from the choice of airline and route, to the mode of transport and the view from the hotel room. Attention to the personal preferences of the client in everything from food tastes to music. Any trip in itself is already a tedious activity. Our task is to nullify all the tedious moments. We will provide you with a regime of increased comfort and security.


Africa Travel's scope of services is much broader than the formal list. VIP service implies willingness to effectively and quickly solve a lot of non-standard problems. We are ready to help our customers in all matters that seem intractable. This is both a solution to status problems and the fulfillment of non-trivial requests. Every client who uses VIP services naturally receives an individual approach and personal service due to his high social status. You don't have to worry about the privacy of your trip, your financial costs, your location, your group, if you are not travelling alone. We are sure that you will be fully satisfied with our specially trained employees, as well as the adequacy of our managers and their professionalism.


We are well aware of the requirements for ground service for our customers using VIP services , due to their social status. You will be provided with only the most modern and comfortable transport. This applies to all cars, planes and yachts. All transport (land, air, water) that you will use during the trip, will meet all the requirements of the Very Important Persona. For domestic flights you will be offered the services of a private airline. Ground service for VIP passengers is not only the maximum attention to our customer at the airport. We understand that people who make their journey through VIP lounges should be sure that on the way to the airport any traffic hiccups and delays are excluded. At the right time, a luxury car with a professional driver, trained in transfer of VIP passengers, will be served at the right place.


Africa Travel guarantees its customers a well-considered timing during the trip. We guarantee you that any planned trip will take place on time and without deviations from the route. All time frames for meetings, trips, departure times and arrivals at all destinations of your journey will be clearly met. We know how much our customers value time. Your trip will be organized from A to Z without time overlaps. In order to complete all the formalities at the airport during arrival or departure in the shortest possible time, we offer you to use the fast track service. With this service you do not have to stand in line and fill out all the necessary paperwork yourself. Our managers will help you or your partners to pass through passport, customs, and, if necessary sanitary control, as well as check-in for your flight in a matter of minutes.


Africa Travel will provide you with a personal guide for the duration of your trip. You will be able to contact your guide on any issues at any time of the day. We are well aware that the need for our services arises sometimes quite unexpectedly, and we do everything we can to help our customers immediately. Our team includes the best guides in Africa. Our employees are well aware of all the intricacies of travel and stay on the African continent. You will feel truly vacationing and at the end of your journey will be filled with energy of Africa. We have been living in Africa for many years, so we will be able to convey our unique experience to you and help you understand all the intricacies of visiting and staying on this amazing continent. We are happy to help you discover a new Africa and love it as much as we love it.


Africa Travel also offers corporate service. We undertake to organize conferences, seminars, business meetings, business trips, vacations for your employees and even weddings at the highest level on the African continent. You will be provided with a personal manager who is able to make constructive decisions at any time of the day and night, our company will provide you with the most favorable conditions of cooperation. We are ready to meet the customer on the widest range of issues. We will fully take over the entire organization of your event: booking flights and hotels, meeting and wires at the airport, accommodation, providing excursion services.

For a corporate customer, working with Africa Travel is stability and prestige.

What to see in Africa


All VIP tours are created in line with requests of the client. Duration of stay in Africa, places to visit, hotels - everything is coordinated with the client. We offer you tours of the most interesting and original places in Africa, including away from traditional tourist trails.

Our client is a person accustomed to luxury. However, we dare to assure you that we will be able to pleasantly surprise you. With a wealth of experience in luxury leisure activities, we are confident that we will be able to turn over your ideas about luxury travel.

Delicious breakfast overlooking Kilimanjaro, the blooming red sands of the Kalahari Desert, a trip to the wine estates of South Africa, a trip to the famous Maasai tribe, a trip to the South Pole, Victoria Falls, safari in Tanzania, the white beaches of the Kalaharibara desert - this is only a small part of what you can do in Africa.

You choose, you dream, you wish. We turn your dreams into reality! Trust us to organize your holiday. And we will open for you the real treasures of our planet - the grandiose beauty of the Black Continent. We work - you rest. VIPTour - a service, using which, you will no longer want to relax in other ways ever.


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