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VIP transport for transfers and travel

VIP transport is at your service!

We are well aware of the requirements for ground service for our customers using VIP services , due to their social status. You will be provided with only the most modern and comfortable transport. This applies to all cars, planes and yachts. All transport (land, air, water) that you will use during the trip, will meet all the requirements of the Very Important Persona. For domestic flights you will be offered the services of a private airline.


Ground service for VIP passengers is not only the maximum attention to our customer at the airport. We understand that people who make their journey through VIP lounges should be sure that on the way to the airport any traffic hiccups and delays are excluded. At the right time, a luxury car with a professional driver, trained in transfer of VIP passengers, will be served at the right place.

VIP class

We are pleased to offer the services of professional drivers and a wide range of rental cars of luxury class, meeting the highest criteria of convenience and safety. Leather interior, multi-zone climate control system, high-quality sound and video, WI-FI, blinds, folding tables, bar and other VIP accessories will allow you to enjoy the trip.

We also offer the best private jets

Renting an airplane is a flexible geography of personal travel. This service is used if you need an urgent flight in the conditions of maximum comfort. Renting a private jet means complete confidentiality of flight-related information and interaction with your internal security service.

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop aircraft. It is produced by the Swiss company Pilatus. The PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop multirole aircraft of business class. According to the safety and power characteristics of the power plant, it is identical to twin-engine aircraft. It can be used in difficult natural environments, such as remote areas of Africa or Australia. The PC-12 NG is one of the few desalinated turboprop aircraft capable of taking off from ground surfaces.

Features: Crew: 1 -2 people, passenger load: 9 people, length: 14.40 meters, wingspan: 16.28 meters, cruising speed: 528 kilometers/h, maximum range: 3,417 kilometers, flight ceiling: 9.144 meters.

Beechcraft 1900

Beechcraft 1900 is a turboprop American 19-seater aircraft. The aircraft can take on board 19 passengers, and carry them to a distance of up to 2,306 km. The Beechcraft 1900 is equipped with large portholes and comfortable armchairs, which are lined 2 in a row.

Features: Length: 17.62m, wingspan: 17.64m, cruising speed: 518km/h. at an altitude of 6100m, ceiling: 7620m, maximum-load range: 707km., engines: 2 x 2Pratt & Whitney PT6A67D. Crew: 2 people, number of passenger seats: 19 seats.

Beechcraft 58 Baron

Beechcraft 58 Baron is a light-engine twin-engine aircraft that is a deeply modernized version of the 55th model of the Beechcraft Baron family, operated mainly as an aircraft for business aviation.

Features: Crew: 1 person, passenger capacity: 6 people, length of aircraft: 9.2 m., wingspan: 11.6 m., height of aircraft: 2.9 m., cruising speed: 370 km/h, maximum flight speed: 427 km/h, maximum range: 2089 km.

Airvan Aircraft

Airvan has found its natural home in the Okavango Delta, Botswana - exactly the type of work environment for which it was designed. Its combination of easy cabin access, fast loading and unloading and excellent visibility of crew and passengers are ideal for a region with many runways and spectacular views.

Features: Engine type: Lycoming IO-540-K1A5; Cabin under pressure: no; Cruise altitude: 12,000ft; Passengers: 7 passenger seats; Speed: 239km/h; Crew: 1 pilot.

Cessna C206

Wilderness Air uses c206 mainly in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This sturdy and reliable workhorse is well suited for short jumps typical of Okavango. C206 также неоценим для доставки всех важных грузов и свежих продуктов питания в отдаленных, труднодоступных лагерях.

Features: Engine type: Single engine piston; Pressurized cabin: no; Cruising height: 8,000ft; Passengers: 5 passenger seats - maximum; speed: 200km/h; crew: 1 pilot km

Cessna Caravan

For Wilderness Air, Caravan turned out to be the best passenger "bush" aircraft in our fleet for sectors from 20 to 300 km. Large wheels, a very efficient wing and a powerful engine allow the C208B to operate with almost all the runways we serve, and the spacious air-conditioned cabin and unlimited views make the caravan popular with passengers. The full-size outboard cargo bay gives the caravan a very heavy payload.

Engine type features: One engine piston; Cabin under pressure: no; Cruise altitude: 12,000ft; 12 passenger seats - maximum; Speed: 260km/h; Crew: 1 pilot

Cessna F406

The F406 is ideal for carrying passengers and light cargo. Wilderness Air uses the F406 in a 10-passenger configuration for space and comfort, with an additional cargo compartment under the fuselage. The higher cruising speed of the F406 is a real bonus for typically longer sectors flying in Namibia.

Features: Cabin under pressure: no; Cruise altitude: 12,000ft; Passengers: 12 passenger seats - maximum; Speed: q/- 370km/h; Crew: maximum 2 pilots

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