Information for investors in South Africa



Due to effective governance, transparency, political and economic freedom and an attractive tax system, South Africa today has become one of the most favorable countries for foreign investment. South Africa is a party to a number of multilateral treaties and conventions to protect foreign investors that offer favorable conditions for economic activity, such as stringent currency controls, protection of foreign assets and OCDE double taxation treaties.

There are three main factors that are driving South Africa's investment attractiveness:
Firstly, the modern world is faced with the problem of "exhausted" mineral resources and Africa is still one of the few regions where natural and mineral resources are not only not fully developed, but also not completely divided among their consumers. In this sense, interest in African resource potential will continue to grow in the coming years.
Secondly, the elevation of large developing countries to the world economy gives Africa a real opportunity, if not to more effectively manage its resource potential, then at least to have an alternative in the search for trade and economic partners.
Lastly, the continent is being looked at by the most far-sighted investors in the search for new emerging real estate markets. According to the leading real estate company of South Africa - Pam Golding Properties, the country is actively pursuing new construction and development projects, which in turn leads to an increase in positive sentiment in the market and, as a result, an increase in demand.

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