Africa is a mysterious, beautiful place, beckoning us all with its pristine beauty since childhood. It was these landscapes that we imagined when we were captivated by the stories of Hemingway and Stefan Zweig. We lived through exciting moments of experience along with the heroes Jules Verne and Mein Reed. Indeed, we have experienced many amazing stories, which were born under the deep blue African sky, through books and movies. But nothing can ever compare to personal impressions and experiences.

Now you have the opportunity to discover the world by transcending borders and distances. We invite you on an amazing journey, on a journey through an ancient beautiful continent, which has earned a reputation as the cradle of humanity. Traveling to Africa will dispel all the myths and rumors about these lands, these landscapes, these people.

What do you think of Africa now? Heat and sand? No. At least not just that. It's a mild Mediterranean climate and ocean! We're going to change your outlook on Africa, change it radically. Africa is the snow of Mount Kilimanjaro and the rolling green hills. Its full of contrasts, it's amazing combinations of warm orange and piercing blue, juicy green and velvety yellow. It’s the most beautiful sunsets in the world. It’s penguins! It is an explosion of colors, heady aroma of flowering gardens, an amazing world of flora and fauna, luxurious vineyards, exquisite cheeses and fine wines. Africa is an adventure. It's a safari. It’s waterfalls and jungles. It’s an opportunity to feel like you are inside of a National Geographic photo. It's adrenaline. It's a high-scale emotion. It's a delight. And above all, it’s love. Love for life.

Once you visited Africa, you are bound to return here again. For the happiness she will give you. Happiness to feel true human, a small part of the beautiful and almighty world of nature, the world of majestic mountains, boundless ocean, loud night sounds of savannah, the deep starry sky and audacious African wind.

Welcome to Africa!

We invite you on tours of the breathtaking places of South and East Africa. We will meet you, take care of your accommodations, show and tell you about everything, take you places, organize a safari, book a cruise on African rivers, fly over Victoria Falls, give you a tour of famous vineyards, treat you to great African wines, show cities and countries, take the cable car to the mountains, share the best restaurants, visit the most beautiful national parks. Africa is calling!

African destinations/recommended countries

Do you want to see the most popular and iconic places in Africa? Or perhaps you are more interested in remote corners and untouched areas. Regardless of your travel needs and preferences, our AFRICA TRAVEL experts will develop itineraries to suit your preferences and budget. Browse our recommended countries and let us know where you would like to go to Africa.

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